coast to coast challenge post

Let’s talk about my favorite hashtag, #coasttocoastchallenge! If you follow me on Instagram, @fash_byabb, then you see me post my outfits every single day. You also may notice that I tag the above hashtag almost every single Tuesday & Thursday. That’s because randomly I came across the tag that’s main motive is to unite women from across the country through fashion. It all started when two friends who didn’t live near each other anymore wanted to stay connected through one of their biggest passions, fashion of course. Their names are Lindsey & Lauren & their blog is called Coast to Coast Central . Their blog covers all topics from latest trends, fashion wish lists, upcoming designers, & their dreams of seeing women be set free from human trafficking. (Go to their blog to dive deeper into each topic.) What I love most about their blog is that they are mainly Instagram driven, hence the personalized hashtag. On Tuesdays & Thursdays the ladies of Coast to Coast Central challenge their followers to expand their comfort of style & try something new. Twice a week they talk about a trend & why they love it then challenge you to unite with all sorts of women from the east coast to the west coast & incorporate it into your outfit that day. They say “snap a photo, upload the pic, tag #coasttocoastchallenge, invite a friend.” I love everything about this! Fashion is so fun, especially when you’re enjoying it with your best gals or making new friends through it! It’s also really fun & inspiring to scroll through the tag & see how other ladies wore the specific trend. It really does unite the coasts & connects us through fashion. So followers, I challenge you to partake in tomorrow’s #coasttocoastchallenge with the fashion trend of scarves! Yes, I picked an easy one for you! We all wear scarves so I challenge you to wear one you r been avoiding in your closet or tie it up a different way. Maybe wear it in your hair? Tie it in a triangle shape? You can do it ladies! Think outside the box! I challenge you! Be sure to check out their blog & follow them on Instagram @c2c_central! If you do tag me, I wanna see your outfits!!!


Here’s a few of my outfits from the past challenges!! Enjoy! XO

Winter Whites


Double Patterns




Animal Prints



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