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  • macy’s + levi’s

    macy’s + levi’s

    Fall is my most favorite time of the year. It’s a time of change on so many levels. The colors are vibrant, the weather gets colder, & we switch up our wardrobe to accommodate both. I’m so excited to announce that this fall I’ve teamed up with Macy’s to promote their exclusive Levi’s Wildflower Collection. It’s a limited […]

  • celebrating 5 years of blogging

    Last week my blog turned five. FIVE! I have no clue how I’ve been doing this for five years already. It seriously blows me away that I have had this space for that long. It’s been a ton of fun, a lot of hard work, a bunch of great opportunities, & quite a bit of […]

  • abbey kay & lemaire photo

    Last summer I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with a local photographer, Danny Lemaire of Lemaire Photo. I did the shoot to celebrate my blog turning four & I’m just now getting around to sharing the images.  It was such a dream to throw on this summer red romper & head south of […]

  • l’occitane review

      When I got back from a trip to LA this last February I was on a hunt to find & start using all natural products. A city like that of Angels will do that to you, but it also honestly made most sense to me. I mean, if my body is my own & […]

  • so worth loving & abbey kay 

                                  Have you ever had an out of body experience? Okay, I’m not talking the super creepy floating spirit kind. I’m just saying like the kind where you can’t believe something is actually happening to you because the situation is just too good to be true. Well, I experienced something […]

  • midtown & community shoot

                                        A few weeks ago I had a friend named Taylor who is a photographer randomly text me on a Sunday afternoon & ask if I was up to anything. I said that I wasn’t because I hardly ever am & she asked if I wanted to do a shoot in our midtown area that […]

  • abbey kay takes on the south

    If you know me at all (or even just through this blog) then you probably know my love for Georgia. I’ve been going there almost every summer since I was a kid to visit my parent’s best friends who are basically family to us. I’ve had many adventures throughout the state & so much of […]

  • midtown adventure

                         I took these pictures on Saturday & I gotta say, these have to be one of my most favorite outfit shoots recently. Not just because of the outfit, let’s face it, I love all of my outfits. But because of how I spent my morning leading up to these few colorful shots.  I got […]

  • lush cosmetics review

      When I went to LA back in February I was able to go to my first ever Lush Cosmetics store. It was such an experience. Before then, I didn’t think much about the products I used to wash/take care of my face. I used whatever was cheapest & functional. But after visiting their Pasadena store […]

  • it’s ikat-ching

    Top/ H&M Pants/ H&M Cardigan/ Forever 21 similar Tote/ Forever 21 Booties/ Old Navy In my opinion, one of the most believed fashion faux pas is that winter wear must be boring. But that is just simply not true. You don’t have to settle for just some rugged boots, long sleeve tee, & a scarf […]