macy’s + levi’s

Fall is my most favorite time of the year. It’s a time of change on so many levels. The colors are vibrant, the weather gets colder, & we switch up our wardrobe to accommodate both. I’m so excited to announce that this fall I’ve teamed up with Macy’s to promote their exclusive Levi’s Wildflower Collection. It’s a limitedContinue reading “macy’s + levi’s”

a look back at my 2015 through outfits 

It’s the last day of 2015 & I seriously can’t believe it’s already here. Honestly, it’s so wild to think about how fast time moves & how much just a single year can bring. A lot can change & a lot can stay the same, & you never know what the next 364 days willContinue reading “a look back at my 2015 through outfits “

three shops, one outfit

                    So many things making a debut here on abbey kay today. Each of the items, including the shops, & their owners give me daily inspiration. These pieces were all hand picked & hand made with care & creativity in mind by an individual. That’s my favorite thing about supporting small companies, in turn you’reContinue reading “three shops, one outfit”

nastygal peasant top

                  Lately, I’ve been livin’ for the weekend. I just recently became a full-time nanny working the norm of Monday thru Friday. I change diapers, clean up spilled milk, sing songs,  play cars, wipe off sticky hands, & cuddle as often as needed. But it doesn’t leave much time to pick out a cute outfit,Continue reading “nastygal peasant top”

a bright pop of color

                    It is honestly quite possible for me to wear something other than an all black outfit. These pictures are proof that I do on occasion love to wear a good solid statement piece that ends up doing all the talking for me. Black says stay away, but this color speaks loudest of all &Continue reading “a bright pop of color”

thrifting on a weekday

                    For about the last year now I’ve been working weekends & have had a few weekdays off. Which means I’ve had a complete opposite schedule than everybody else in my life. It’s been hard & lonely at times not being able to see the ones you love or having to squeeze in face timeContinue reading “thrifting on a weekday”

fall into it

It’s September 2nd & I simply cannot believe it! Summer is officially over & cooler days & everything pumpkin & cozy are approaching rapidly now. We’re transitioning into my absolute favorite season. I love all of the fun puns & metaphors you can let fall from the season because let’s be real, who doesn’t loveContinue reading “fall into it”

the grey sweatpants

If you have known me for years or even just a few months you might have noticed one thing about me, I never ever wear sweatpants. It’s true. I actually despise them. The only sweatpants I’ve ever worn out in public were the ones I was forced to wear for sports teams I high school.Continue reading “the grey sweatpants”

leather leggings love

My favorite thing about being a fashion enthusiast is the curiosity it arises in the people around me. I love when I wear something that doesn’t seem “normal” & people just stare in wonder. Some with the thought that I’m crazy & nuts. Others with the actual interest in the pieces I’m wearing. My leatherContinue reading “leather leggings love”