punk summer

I’ve always wanted to try out the cut off shorts, muscle crop top, hardstyle girl with leather booties look. It’s totally something that I feel is way off from who I actually am, but so close to someone I want to be. I just think the look is so cool looking. Like yeah, I knowContinue reading “punk summer”

tomboy girl

Some days ya just gotta pull out the tennies, throw on a flannel, & tame your hair with a headband. Some days, by doing just that, you look like a girly tomboy. But that’s perfectly okay! Some days just call for a more relaxed look & there’s nothing wrong with that. I totally get thatContinue reading “tomboy girl”

flannels & maxis

My two favorites were incorporated into my outfit yesterday: flannels & maxis. They’re just such cute trends! But who’s ever thought to combine them? Me, me, me! I love taking a flannel & wearing it as a sweater/jacket piece over a tee. But why not do the same thing with a dress? Exactly. It’s pureContinue reading “flannels & maxis”

new trends to love

Let’s talk about some new trends that I’ve been seeing & falling madly in love with! I wouldn’t say this is my next wish list, but these items have definitely been catching my eye lately! They’re out on the streets, in the latest magazines, & filling all the clothing racks. From shoes to bags, &Continue reading “new trends to love”

gold & triangles

Let’s talk about my most favorite thing lately, the color gold! I don’t know where the liking came from but I AM OBSESSED! I just want gold colored things, all the gold colored shimmery things which is sooo not me. I used to hate gold things, like jewelry & such. But of course I’m alwaysContinue reading “gold & triangles”

diy matte nails

Let’s talk about matte nails! They’re definitely the latest trend when it comes to manicures because let’s face it, no shine is awesome for some reason! Well I’ve been crushing hard over this look for a few months now but had no desire to have to trade in & start over on my nail polishContinue reading “diy matte nails”

white scarf & boots

Let’s talk about white scarves! They’re just so pretty. In yesterday’s outfit my white scarf is totally what made my outfit work, that & my tan combat boots!! This outfit happened totally by accident, & by accident I mean I let a 5 year old pick out my shoes & said 5 year old’s twinContinue reading “white scarf & boots”

beautiful black mystery

Let’s talk about the color black! I love it. And I can’t stop wearing it lately. It just looks so good! I have so many colorful clothes in my closet, but I’ve just been skipping over them entirely when I put together my outfits each morning. Some people think all black is scary but IContinue reading “beautiful black mystery”

coast to coast challenge post

Let’s talk about my favorite hashtag, #coasttocoastchallenge! If you follow me on Instagram, @fash_byabb, then you see me post my outfits every single day. You also may notice that I tag the above hashtag almost every single Tuesday & Thursday. That’s because randomly I came across the tag that’s main motive is to unite womenContinue reading “coast to coast challenge post”

winter whites

Let’s talk about winter whites! What reminds you of winter? Snow, of course! And snow is white so it totally makes sense to wear white in the winter. Duh! I normally don’t feel like I can pull off an all white monochromatic outfit or keep it clean all day long. Such pressure! I don’t ownContinue reading “winter whites”