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  • my year in review & what’s next in 2020

    my year in review & what’s next in 2020

    It’s a new decade! And I’m so excited to see all that 2020 holds for my life & business. This past year was full of so much for me in so many ways. I worked with some amazing brands, traveled with my family, took tons of photos, & grew so much in knowing myself & […]

  • what 27 feels like

    what 27 feels like

    I know it’s almost the end of the year & this is where my end of the year/new beginnings post should be. But before I talk about those topics I really still want to share my annual birthday post reflecting on my age & life, & not just where my business & dreams have taken […]

  • monday encouragement

    monday encouragement

    Have you ever come to a point in your day, week, or life, & questioned what you are doing with your time? I know we’ve all been in place at one point in our lives & thought about how we aren’t where we wanted to be, or we aren’t where we want to be anymore. […]

  • go red for women’s heart health sponsored by macy’s

    go red for women’s heart health sponsored by macy’s

    Happy Valentine’s day! As we celebrate the ones we love today with chocolates, gifts, quality time, & hand written cards, remember to also cherish the moments we are given with them. Today is all about expressing the love in your heart & because our heart is a very special piece of life, I’m happy to […]

  • wearing luella

    wearing luella

    I love graphic tees. Like, LOVE them. I love the food focused ones, I love the punny ones, I love the BA girl empowerment ones,  & even the ones that rep a company’s logo. I love them all. You can just say so much with a simple t-shirt if the design is done well. Lucky […]

  • macy’s holiday tablescape: out with the old, & in with the new style & tradition

    macy’s holiday tablescape: out with the old, & in with the new style & tradition

    Christmas is less than a week away & with it comes the perfectly decorated holiday table! Growing up we had Christmas Eve dinner every year with my entire family on my mom’s side & we would rotate it between my mom & her two sisters houses. There would be fancy white plates, a buffet kitchen […]

  • 25 wishes for you

    25 wishes for you

    Today is my 25th birthday. It’s not an old age, but it’s not a young one either. It is wiser than the ages I’ve been before. It’s an age that is supposed to come with maturity, life experience, & is not an excuse for behavior anymore. It’s a year that marks growing up & growing […]

  • nordstrom rack reno

    nordstrom rack reno

    Last week I had the chance to go check out Reno’s local Nordstrom Rack store after being invited to by the staff. Over on my @abbeykayblog Instagram account I took you all on a tour of the store via my Instagram Stories & it was so much fun. I’ve shopped at this location before a […]

  • monday morning encouragement:

    monday morning encouragement:

    Self-doubt. It’s totally the elephant in the room today. At least for me it has been. It’s the reason that I’ve written & re-written what to say about six times already. It’s made me second guess every single idea I’ve thought was good. It made me hit delete, delete, delete on my all of my […]

  • macy’s + levi’s

    macy’s + levi’s

    Fall is my most favorite time of the year. It’s a time of change on so many levels. The colors are vibrant, the weather gets colder, & we switch up our wardrobe to accommodate both. I’m so excited to announce that this fall I’ve teamed up with Macy’s to promote their exclusive Levi’s Wildflower Collection. It’s a limited […]