forever 21 falldrobe

Entire look/ Forever 21 Blame it on me working there, or blame it on being 21, but almost everything I own is from Forever 21. Some days I walk out of the house & I realize everything I am currently wearing is from that store, right down to the socks on my feet. And whyContinue reading “forever 21 falldrobe”

layers & leather

Let’s talk about the best outfit of my week! Yesterday I participated in the #coasttocoastchallenge where the challenge was all things grey! Totally up my alley because lately I love grey, & black, & all things dark. I never know where my outfits are gonna start or where they’re gonna end, but I know whenContinue reading “layers & leather”

coast to coast challenge post

Let’s talk about my favorite hashtag, #coasttocoastchallenge! If you follow me on Instagram, @fash_byabb, then you see me post my outfits every single day. You also may notice that I tag the above hashtag almost every single Tuesday & Thursday. That’s because randomly I came across the tag that’s main motive is to unite womenContinue reading “coast to coast challenge post”

outfits & criticism

Let’s talk about when someone criticizes your outfit in such a negative way! Honestly, it happens to me all the time. Let’s face it, I don’t dress traditionally & that can throw some people off. But that’s the thing about style, it’s a trendy step above the norm & it expresses who I am orContinue reading “outfits & criticism”

Oversized Cardigan Sweaters

Let’s talk about oversized cardigan sweaters. They have became my favorite fad for the colder parts of fall heading into ice cold winter. I had none just a few weeks ago & have recently acquired quite a few of them. It started with a random find of one, into buying another, receiving 3 from myContinue reading “Oversized Cardigan Sweaters”

Tie-Dye Dress

Let’s talk about tie-dye! I hate it. I’ve always hated tie-dye. And my friends would always make me partake in tie-dye parties where we turned beautiful white tees and things into colorful bursts of color. I hated it… I really, really did. Until, I discovered the wonderful dark side of tie-dye. Oh my! It’s gorgeousContinue reading “Tie-Dye Dress”

Styling Shelby: Round Two

Let’s talk about my sister in law Shelby for a bit. If you know me, then you already know I talk about her like non-stop because she is one of my most favorite people in this entire world! She’s so kind and caring and supportive. And she laughs at all my jokes, some of whichContinue reading “Styling Shelby: Round Two”

Patterned Scarves & Sweaters

Let’s talk about patterned scarves & sweaters for a bit. We all love sweaters & we all love scarves. But sometimes we all get in fashion funks where we wear the same outfits the same way all of the time. Especially scarves! And I’ve discovered that lots of girls are afraid of patterned pieces whichContinue reading “Patterned Scarves & Sweaters”

Styling Shelby

Last weekend I asked my sister in law if I could go into her closet, put together outfits, and doll her all up for a fashion photo shoot taken by yours truly. She complied and it was the best ever! Shelby is a receptionist at a doctor’s office and wears scrubs to work everyday. SheContinue reading “Styling Shelby”

Peek-a-boo Layers

So last week I wore one of my favorite black and white polka dot pieces, a cotton summer dress. I hadn’t worn it since the middle of summer because after I washed it, it shrank. But I really wanted to wear it and since it’s colder now I thought it’d go great with tights! Except,Continue reading “Peek-a-boo Layers”