vintage things

My room is still in shambles & I hate it so much. So getting dresses yesterday was just as chaotic as the rest of the week has been. I knew I wanted to wear a headpiece & my tan leggings with some sort of black top. So after digging through so many shirts & dresses I assembled this easy & cute look. All neutral colors, of course, but it carried such a different style than other things I’ve worn. It had to have been the black & white vintage scarf that I tied around my head. So chic & simple. I loved it, & you can bet that I wore that thing literally until I went to bed last night. I like to give looks the most time they can to blossom & be themselves because I only ever wear them the same way once! Haha, that sounds so psychotic but it’s true. That’s my rule, never wear the same thing, the same way twice! I’ve been doing it for almost 2 1/2 years & I’m still going strong. It’s a fun little game to play with your wardrobe & creativity.









Long Black Tee; H&M Dress; F21 Leggings; Walmart Flats; Urban Outfitters Necklace; F21 Vintage Head Scarf; Local Thrift Store, The Nest

I love how long & beautiful my haor looks in these pictures!! I will never, ever, ever cut my hair!

— abbey kay


3 responses to “vintage things”

  1. camilleglanzmann Avatar

    Your hair is 178 feet long! And I adore you.

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Omg! Thank you! && I miss you!! && am so glad you’re having so much fun in Chile!!!

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