celebrating 5 years of blogging

Last week my blog turned five. FIVE! I have no clue how I’ve been doing this for five years already. It seriously blows me away that I have had this space for that long. It’s been a ton of fun, a lot of hard work, a bunch of great opportunities, & quite a bit ofContinue reading “celebrating 5 years of blogging”

it’s fall over

Sweater/ Forever 21 similar Turtle Tank/ Forever 21 similar Booties/ Forever 21 Clutch/ Forever 21 Jeans/ Old Navy It’s December 8th, so I guess that means fall is officially over. We wait all year for it to come around & then it just vanishes like the rest of time. Well, I must say this fallContinue reading “it’s fall over”

boxy stripes

Top/ H&M similar Pants/ H&M Booties/ Kohl’s It’s Thanksgiving week & I’m thinking real hard about how we got here so fast! I feel like every year goes by in a normal pace, but then once October hits we blink & it’s a new year. So much has happened this year & it’s easy toContinue reading “boxy stripes”

polka dots & jeans

Shirt/ Forever 21 similar Jeans/ Old Navy Booties/ Old Navy Jacket/ Kohl’s Necklace/ Forever 21 similar Bag/ Forever 21 There used to be two things that I was known for awhile back: always wearing polka dots & never wearing jeans. In this outfit I’m wearing both! Who have I become?!? First things first, polka dotsContinue reading “polka dots & jeans”

top knot good(ie)s

Tee/ Top Knot Goods Sweater/ Forever 21 similar Hat/ The Nest Reno similar Leggings/ Target Booties/ Kohl’s Fringe Bag/ Ross similar I won this tee in a recent giveaway I entered on Instagram & instantly fell in love. I’m a sucker for graphic tees that are cute, artsy, & have a little bit of attitude.Continue reading “top knot good(ie)s”

time’s change

Sweater/ Forever 21 Leggings/ Burlington Coat Factory similar Blouse/ Forever 21 Booties/ Kohlms similar It’s amazing to me just how much things can change in just one year. Everything from your appearance to your style (hair & clothes) to where you’re at in life, your job, your attitude, & even your whole outlook on life.Continue reading “time’s change”

some rad plaid

Dress, Sweater, Booties/ Forever 21 Jacket/ Kohl’s Plaid is a must have for any closet & it’s best in the classic flannel shirt firm but if you can find the right piece that gives it a twist without being too over the top, then I say go for that rad plaid. This maxi dress isContinue reading “some rad plaid”

overalls for all

Sweater/ Forever 21 Overalls/ Forever 21 Boots/ Forever 21 (similar) Necklace/ Swallow’s Heart Have you ever worn an outfit & wished you had documented it because it was just that good? Well this is one of those looks & I’m so glad I got some pics of it after I wore it to work oneContinue reading “overalls for all”

neutral sweaters unite

Lately I’ve been a sucker for all things neutral. Plain tees, pale colors, simple pieces. It’s become my new thing & I’m hoping I love it for quite some time. So with it being fall & sweater season I thought I’d round up a list of my favorite neutral sweaters & share them with youContinue reading “neutral sweaters unite”

forever 21 falldrobe

Entire look/ Forever 21 Blame it on me working there, or blame it on being 21, but almost everything I own is from Forever 21. Some days I walk out of the house & I realize everything I am currently wearing is from that store, right down to the socks on my feet. And whyContinue reading “forever 21 falldrobe”