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  • something old, something new

    I’m getting married! Just kidding. I’m not. I’m just over here rambling about my clothes again. And something old & something new was in the mix of yesterday’s outfit. First things first, the old. A few weeks ago I went to my favorite local vintage thrift shop & picked up this maroon square scarf. This […]

  • vintage things

    My room is still in shambles & I hate it so much. So getting dresses yesterday was just as chaotic as the rest of the week has been. I knew I wanted to wear a headpiece & my tan leggings with some sort of black top. So after digging through so many shirts & dresses […]

  • poi: relaxed jackets

    Whenever I can’t figure out what to wear I like to head to my Pinterest account & scroll through my “outfits i want to wear” board. I pin outfits there that I want to recreate from pieces I already own in my closet. It’s basically just a quick inspiration jump start to building my outfit […]

  • Trunks and trinkets

    Today I am going to show you my favorite little spot in my room! I always love rearranging the decorations and furniture in my room. I’m in the middle of starting the remodeling process of the entire room, but I couldn’t wait for a change any longer! So this weekend I rearranged everything and reorganized […]

  • Tuxedo Blazer Outfits

    Blazers are a thing that have been around for a really long time. Of course they’ve recycled just like everything else in fashion pretty much has but how you wear them the second time around is key to perfecting true fashion success. I feel that most people will see women wearing them out but then […]

  • Fall Fridays: Mint and Dots

    Today felt like fall. Am I right Reno? It was so cloudy and rainy and it just made me wanna snuggle up on the couch and watch my favorite movie, which is Sweet Home Alabama by the way. But instead of that I actually went shopping today with my friend Shelby and I got the […]

  • Color Me Denim

    So I honestly cannot remember the last time that I wore a pair of plain old blue jeans. Ever since last spring and into summer whenever it’s chilly out I always grabbed a pair of my colored denim jeans. I bought my first pair in royal blue last November at Old Navy for fifteen dollars. […]

  • Fall Fridays: Denim Dress

    Hey everybody! Hope you had a great week. Mine has been completely busy and crazy and hectic. It has come and gone in the most absurd blur and I am honestly so glad that it’s over. My babies at work all got sick which was no fun and that threw my partner Brittney and I […]

  • High Wasted DIY Vintage Shorts

    I love vintage! Everything from polka dots to cat eye sunnies and bold colors to high wasted details. This summer’s craze has been high wasted shorts but it’s so hard to find a pair that is actually flattering. So I decided to make my own. One afternoon my friend Micah and I decided to head […]

  • All heart, no love

    So this last weekend was just the absolute worst for me! I got sick on Friday, got stood up on Saturday night and felt completely run down and broken on Sunday. The weekend was a complete blur and waste for me, I honestly hated it. I’m pretty good at hiding things and shutting certain details […]