Color Me Denim

So I honestly cannot remember the last time that I wore a pair of plain old blue jeans. Ever since last spring and into summer whenever it’s chilly out I always grabbed a pair of my colored denim jeans. I bought my first pair in royal blue last November at Old Navy for fifteen dollars. Next pair that I scooped up were bright red ones that I got for only 13 dollars at Ross. Those two pairs started my obsession…and later collection! I now have about 7 or more colored denim pants. I just love them! The colors range from teal and mint to mustard and pink. I seriously just cannot get enough of them. I feel like most people are afraid to buy a pair or ever try them on because they don’t know what kind of top to wear with them! Well don’t worry ladies, I’ve helped figure that part out for you! So here are some tips on what to wear with your new colored denim jeans!

What To Do:

1. Pair neutrals together. Colors like mint and denim blue (or red and light denim) compliment each other nicely without being too powerful.

2. When in doubt, wear white to calm the shout! A white top of any kind will always look good with colored denim. Whether that be a white tee or a fancy white blouse, beautifully simple.

3. Add a blocked top. Sometimes you need two colors on top to even out the boldness below. So bring in two colors that even out the contrast of the outfit. I paired a B&W top with the royal blue pants and paired it with black flats to complete the outfit from head to toe.

4. Pattern the distraction. A top with a pattern like floral, polka dot, or some other item i.e. doves, anchors, horses, will balance the entire outfit causing color and pattern to alter distract each other.

5. Texture it up! Such as lace, knit, see thru rayon, or even a jean vest aspect will give the eye something else to play with besides the color.


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  1. Micah Avatar

    love this one abb!

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