stripes & denim

Some days you just have super chill outfits. They’re really no big biggy. They’re nothing special really. Just a few pieces that somehow come together to look like a decent look. There’s not much to say about em. There’s not much to em really. See where I’m getting at? Me neither. Outfits should be effortlessContinue reading “stripes & denim”

poi: denim & black

Let’s talk about my fun little challenge for the week! Starting yesterday throughout the rest of the week, I am going to be wearing outfits only from my from my “outfits i want to wear” board on Pinterest. There are all sorts of fun outfits floating around on there that I love & am inspiredContinue reading “poi: denim & black”

Styling Shelby: Round Three

Let’s talk about styling Shelby, again. And again, and again, and again because I don’t ever think I could talk about her enough. My obsession with her is real guys. It really is. But sadly, this is my last styling post all about her! Tears, I know. But I’m sure I’ll do more style shootsContinue reading “Styling Shelby: Round Three”


Long time, no write! Many things have happened and changed since my last post awhile back. Feels like life is always constantly changing with me! So here are ten new things! 1. My brother got engaged!!! Finally. (Here comes all the fun wedding planning. Yay!) 2. I’m growing out my bangs. I need something different.Continue reading “D-d-d-denim”

Love N Hate

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! I’m so sorry!! I was supposed to post these outfits on Friday and simply did not! I had planned on taking the pics that afternoon when I got off work but the time got away from me and I wasn’t able to take them until Sunday. I apologize forContinue reading “Love N Hate”

Tribal and Denim

My two latest obsessions have been anything denim and small accents of tribal. (I’m currently looking for a new pair of mocs!) So in this post I’ve paired them together taking a tribal patterned maxi dress and showing you how to wear different aspects of denim with it. From dark to washed out and jacketsContinue reading “Tribal and Denim”

Fall Fridays: Mint and Dots

Today felt like fall. Am I right Reno? It was so cloudy and rainy and it just made me wanna snuggle up on the couch and watch my favorite movie, which is Sweet Home Alabama by the way. But instead of that I actually went shopping today with my friend Shelby and I got theContinue reading “Fall Fridays: Mint and Dots”

Color Me Denim

So I honestly cannot remember the last time that I wore a pair of plain old blue jeans. Ever since last spring and into summer whenever it’s chilly out I always grabbed a pair of my colored denim jeans. I bought my first pair in royal blue last November at Old Navy for fifteen dollars.Continue reading “Color Me Denim”

Fall Fridays: Denim Dress

Hey everybody! Hope you had a great week. Mine has been completely busy and crazy and hectic. It has come and gone in the most absurd blur and I am honestly so glad that it’s over. My babies at work all got sick which was no fun and that threw my partner Brittney and IContinue reading “Fall Fridays: Denim Dress”