polka dots & jeans

Shirt/ Forever 21 similar Jeans/ Old Navy Booties/ Old Navy Jacket/ Kohl’s Necklace/ Forever 21 similar Bag/ Forever 21 There used to be two things that I was known for awhile back: always wearing polka dots & never wearing jeans. In this outfit I’m wearing both! Who have I become?!? First things first, polka dotsContinue reading “polka dots & jeans”

neon trees

Sometimes I dress myself a certain way because I know I’m going to have to take a picture of it later that day. Sometimes I’ll hate my hair all day or add a hat or headband last minute to make the outfit appear perfect. It’s hard working from home because my head can second guessContinue reading “neon trees”

salt n peppa

I had a clever thing to say about this outfit. But the last 24 hours have hit me like a ton of unwelcome bricks smack dab in my face. And that’s just never fun to deal with. So I’ll just cut to the chase. 1. I clearly wear black & white all the time, whichContinue reading “salt n peppa”

dots on legs

So a few weeks ago I bought these awesome huge print polka dot leggings in black & white of course. I was gonna wear them with this dress I had that came in the same print, but they weren’t the same tone of white! Fashion crisis. I was so so sad. I really was. AndContinue reading “dots on legs”

polka dot dresses

Polka dots used to be my favorite thing to wear awhile back. I literally would wear them just about everyday & everybody knew it. I was known for the bold print & I loved it. Then my style evolved & changed & I didn’t wear them as much. Until I saw this dress at ForeverContinue reading “polka dot dresses”

Peek-a-boo Layers

So last week I wore one of my favorite black and white polka dot pieces, a cotton summer dress. I hadn’t worn it since the middle of summer because after I washed it, it shrank. But I really wanted to wear it and since it’s colder now I thought it’d go great with tights! Except,Continue reading “Peek-a-boo Layers”

Mail day and F21

I love mail day! And no it is not everyday for me… For me, mail day is when my online shopping orders come in. Yay! I used to not order online too often because I am the type of girl that HAS to try on everything. I never really know how something is gonna fitContinue reading “Mail day and F21”

Love N Hate

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! I’m so sorry!! I was supposed to post these outfits on Friday and simply did not! I had planned on taking the pics that afternoon when I got off work but the time got away from me and I wasn’t able to take them until Sunday. I apologize forContinue reading “Love N Hate”

Polka Dot And What Not

This week has been rough. So rough. Which is honestly no fun to face after such an amazing God filled weekend. I’m over my job. I’m over school. I’m over no sleep. I’m over just anything that is currently not satisfying me right now, which seems to be everything! That sounds so selfish, no? ITContinue reading “Polka Dot And What Not”

Fall Fridays: Mint and Dots

Today felt like fall. Am I right Reno? It was so cloudy and rainy and it just made me wanna snuggle up on the couch and watch my favorite movie, which is Sweet Home Alabama by the way. But instead of that I actually went shopping today with my friend Shelby and I got theContinue reading “Fall Fridays: Mint and Dots”