poi: maroon & grey

Let’s talk about some truth right now. Sometimes a day just doesn’t go your way as a girl & literally it’s all because of the mood you woke up in or the funk you just can’t seem to shake. That’s how my day went yesterday (Tuesday). I was just out of it, all because of my clothes. Dumbest thing ever right! But it happens & we all know it does. Right? I’m not the only crazy one out there, am I? I hope so! Anyway, I was looking up outfits to stick to my Pinterest outfit challenge that I announced at the beginning of the week. But on Tuesdays (& Thursdays) I also participate in the #coasttocoastchallenge that a group of ladies from the blog Coast to Coast Central host. I’ve talked about it before, it’s where they pick a trend & ask ladies from across the country to join in on wearing the same trend on the same day to share fashion inspiration & ideas. Tuesday’s trend was plaid on plaid & I loved that idea, but I had already committed to wearing only outfits I found on Pinterest. So I looked, but I couldn’t find anything that worked & I stressed myself out to the extreme trying to find an outfit that worked for the trend from pieces I had in my closet. It was a total bust & I felt so overwhelmed. Side note: I work from home so I can get dressed & redressed as many times as I want throughout the day! I did that the other day & it was horrible. I couldn’t get an outfit to work just right. And I let it ruin my day!!!! So so so stupid. So I’m being honest, I didn’t wear a Pinterest outfit on Tuesday because I tried to force it & I let it ruin my day. Ladies, don’t force fashion, just let it happen.

via here

But I did wear an awesome Pinterest outfit on Monday that I’m sharing with you now. So late I know. But Tuesday was a whacky day so I didn’t get a chance to write about it! But I loved this combo of grey & maroon. It was just to perfect. The felt hat was the icing on the cake & I felt so myself in this outfit which is how you should feel all the time. It wasn’t forced & I didn’t give it too much thought. I just wore it & didn’t let it wear me.







Top; H&M Sweater; Grandma’s Closet Leggings; Target Boots; Kohl’s Hat; F21 Chain; Repurposed

I’ve loved the responses I’ve gotten from people about this challenge & the way my blog/Instagram inspires them! That’s why I do what I do, if I can make just one girl feel better about herself in her own skin & clothes then I’ve had success. If love to hear from you all! Comment below with questions, comments, or ideas for future posts! Love you all & that I can be honest & open.

— abbey kay


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