neon trees

Sometimes I dress myself a certain way because I know I’m going to have to take a picture of it later that day. Sometimes I’ll hate my hair all day or add a hat or headband last minute to make the outfit appear perfect. It’s hard working from home because my head can second guess my hair/make-up/shoes/clothes all day long! And that just makes for a super stressful day. I mean I work from home & still get dressed! Most ladies would get a gold star for just achieving that. But I have the hidden pressure of making my outfits presentable not only to my audience (you guys), but also to myself! I am my own worst critic. I hate days where I hate my outfit & it bums me out that I care so much about whether or not I like my outfit. Guess my brain is just wired this way. So lately I’ve been trying to dress everyday as if I were to say it was my “best outfit” that week. I mean, if I’m the only one truly criticizing myself every day, then I might as well make it super tough for it to be a negative critique! Except yesterday… I hated the dress I threw on & wasn’t even sure I liked it anymore. But the day was winding down & I just felt stuck in a rut & it didn’t help that my hair totally freaked out & wouldn’t cooperate. So this is actually the tale of a last minute outfit make over, which I know you totally care about! Ha, just stick with me guys. Anyway, I threw my hair up in a messy top knot which hardly ever looks good on me, but it did yesterday. Then I added a new white handbag for sophistication. But the real element that stole the show & made this outfit so darn good was the tall green trees that were booming in neon. There’s no edit here, the trees were actually that green! So sometimes, an outfit is just an outfit & you hate it. And then sometimes you stand in front of some really tall trees & you instantly fall in love with the look.











Dress; H&M Flats; Ross Handbag; Ross

Am I right, or am I right? Right. I’m right!

—abbey kay


One response to “neon trees”

  1. Ashley Rose Avatar

    Blue dress is nice looking perfect on you.

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