all black stripes

Okay, so maybe color hasn’t quite taken over my wardrobe yet… Because I’m still so in love with the color black, especially in stripe form! There’s just something about it that makes my little fashion heart swoon! So though I am bringing in more vibrant hues, don’t be shocked when I go back to my beloved bold black. I had a college graduation party to go to yesterday & though our weather is getting warmer here in Reno the random wind chills can make it down right bipolar & cold. So sometimes pants are just a good option for a springtime BBQ because you don’t wanna be cold & you don’t wanna have to hold your dress down the whole time. We all know how much fun that can be! So I went with some black skinnies (the ones that didn’t fit, & keep getting looser !!!!), a simple black & white striped tank from Forever 21 & these cute little brown cutout flats that I scored at Ross the other day for just 15 bucks! It made for a super casual but still put together look & was super comfortable for the windy afternoon that I predicted. I went with a wavy hair beach vibe do because it fit the thrown together look of the outfit. Want a quick tip? In my opinion, your hair & your shoes can either make or break an outfit. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. Sometimes an outfit will seem so perfect but it won’t feel quite right when you look in the mirror. So try throwing on a different pair of shoes or switching your hair style around. I promise it will make all the difference! Break out of your norm & see how many times sometimes actually noticed what you did that day. I promise they will & it’ll help you to feel like you can do so more often. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done just this & the thing I switched around is the exact thing that everybody noticed & loved. It might feel weird at first but just be confident & do it!









Top; F21 Pants; Target Flats; Ross

Oh my goodness! The WordPress app just got a huge update & it makes my blogging life so much easier! Yay for technology progress! Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

—abbey kay


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