Tag: stripes

  • all black stripes

    Okay, so maybe color hasn’t quite taken over my wardrobe yet… Because I’m still so in love with the color black, especially in stripe form! There’s just something about it that makes my little fashion heart swoon! So though I am bringing in more vibrant hues, don’t be shocked when I go back to my […]

  • vests & booties

    It’s been so, so cold here in Reno this past week. We were having such nice “spring” like warm weather & then BAM! It got cold again & not just cold, but freezing blustering winds cold. I hate it. I was so jumping into spring-time fashion with my flats & short sleeved shirts. I had […]

  • green stripes

    So I told you that my entire room is a mess, right? Well, it is because my dad is painting my room & putting in hardwood floors. So all of my clothes are just like thrown on top of each other in a spare room with mountains of shoes & scarves & jackets surrounding them. […]

  • stripes & denim

    Some days you just have super chill outfits. They’re really no big biggy. They’re nothing special really. Just a few pieces that somehow come together to look like a decent look. There’s not much to say about em. There’s not much to em really. See where I’m getting at? Me neither. Outfits should be effortless […]

  • dark stripes

    Sometimes I have no idea what to wear for the day. Shocker, right? And sometimes I don’t have time to just stand in my room staring at my closet for hours trying to figure it out. Sometimes I literally have to just throw things on & not question the outcome. Sometimes happened yesterday. I didn’t […]

  • poi: b&w stripes

    So I never leave my house. Like ever. Except to go to church basically & run like my two errands a week. I work from home. I like to eat at home. I spend my weekends at home. I just like being home, okay! And I have the worlds biggest panic attack every time I’m […]

  • stripes & sisters

    Let’s talk about late night blogging just for the sake of it. Sometimes my days get so busy & are nonstop to where I don’t even have a second to sit down & look at social media. Saddening, I know. That’s how I measure the day, how much I checked out Instagram. Which was none […]

  • poi: sweatshirt glam

    Let’s talk about sweatshirts & how they can be glamorous. I remember back in high school when I played softball we would have to wear sweats on game days. All the girls on my team would say I looked fashionable even in a sweatshirt & sweatpants & they always wondered how I did it. Well, […]

  • stripes & beanies

    Let’s talk about my most favorite things to wear lately. If you follow my Instagram account (@fash_byabb), then you know I post my outfit pictures every single day & you’ve probably noticed what my daily look has become. It’s black! All black, all the time! I don’t know why, but I just can’t stop wearing […]

  • big city & dreams

    Let’s talk about my new shirt! Last week I hit up one of my favorite stores ever, Forever 21 of course! I just went to browse, but totally came away with so many scores & steals! The first thing I spotted and picked up was a black muscle tank with a floral graphic of “New […]