tribal & teal

Sometimes I have no idea what to write in these things. Or I have a million ideas but they take me in too many different directions. Tonight’s post isn’t about the clothes or the outfit. But instead on the fact that Jesus Christ is so cool. Tonight I had the privilege of hearing one of my best friends tell her life story. And though I knew most of what she was going to say, my heart felt so heavy with all that she had gone through. I love my best friend! And it breaks me to know that she has experienced so much brokenness, pain, & numbness in her life. I’m so glad that Jesus has found her & filled her & that she’s seeking to be more & more like him. Our stories are important because it’s through telling them that we see the ways that Jesus really was with us all along. He was there slowly revealing himself to us waiting for the best moment to expose our sin & emptiness. It’s by His grace that we are able to see our depravity & His glory. I’m so glad Jesus does that with His perfect timing & that He takes sinner’s broken stories & uses them to point back to His whole plan & purpose.









Top; H&M Leggings; Ross Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Headband; With Love From Rigby

Wanna win this headband? Then head to my Instagram (@fash_byabb) to see how to enter!

— abbey kay


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