mid-winter wishlist

It’s almost spring guys! But not quite yet & I have been eyeing a few trends that I want to pick up before all the snow melts. I’m not gonna lie though, I snagged a few of these items already. I just couldn’t resist when I found them! So let’s just dive into these pieces that I cannot wait to add to my wardrobe!


First up, a galaxy tee! I want one so, SO bad! Or maybe this print in a muscle tee, or a dress! I’ve seen some DIY’s of this, so maybe I’ll resort to that if I can’t find one because I’ve been looking for what seems like months!


This trend has been around for quite awhile, but lately I really want an envelope shaped crossbody. Maybe with some gold detailing? I’m thinking yes!


Okay, it’s no secret that I love felt hats. But I want a wide-brimmed hat like the ones above. But spoiler, I just bought one last night here online from Forever 21. It was only 16 bucks & I hope it ends up working out for the look I want!


Fringe, fringe, & more fringe. It’s all I’ve been seeing lately! I can’t wait to find a tee similar to this one.


I’m not really into “space & beyond”. But a moon tee like this would be so sweet to wear under a flannel or over a maxi skirt. This one can be a DIY too so if I can’t find one soon this might be on my to-do list!


Everyone knows I love gold & lately I’ve really been into long necklaces. This is one that I want to add to my collection next, a bad necklace! I may go handmade with this one, my friend Meghan over at Swallow’s Heart has some in her shop that I may scoop up soon.


Were any of you guys ever a ballerina? I was! This totally reminds me of my big tutu costume days, but I love it! This tutu skirt would look so cute with some booties & a muscle tee. I hope I can find one that fits me well.


So I normally hate buckles, but they’re gold guys so it’s okay! Lately I have been looking into buying more booties with a bit of a heel. I hate heels, they hurt my feet. But they make your body appear sleeker & I definitely need some of that in my life! And yes, I did just buy a pair similar to this that I am in love with from Forever 21. That store always knows what’s up!


Can we just take a sec & appreciate the midi skirt please? I just bought one (I told y’all I couldn’t wait) & I love it. The shape of these skirts are just so flattering. Bonus, mine is even leather! This is definitely a trend that all ladies should try out because I am loving it.


Colorblocked booties. Their definitely something I want to find! Or maybe even just a pair of solid white ones… I can’t wait to wear booties with dresses all spring long! That look is just to die for.

So yeah, I just recently bought about half of the things on my wishlist. Sorry guys! I guess I should probably call this a “swoon-list” instead because I’m so in love with all these items even the ones I’ve already bought! Which of these trends are you willing to try out or have been loving lately too? Let me know in the comments below!

— abbey kay

**all images from Pinterest





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