thanksgiving & vacation

Let’s (finally) talk about my Thanksgiving day outfit! I’m so bad at posting when I get out of my normal routine. Which has been my life for the past like week & a half! I’m also on vacation now which will probably definitely throw off my posting game again! But anyway, my Thanksgiving outfit rocked & was totally out of my normal comfort zone lately. Which is funny because last year’s fit my personality better now than it did then! This year, I dressed as a “peacock”. Only not really, except yes I did. Sorta.. I wore a lace cream dress with blue lace tights, an olive green cardigan, tan Chelsea boots, & a blue & green mixed textured scarf. I totally went all wonky & holiday-ey (made that word up) & wore my baby’s breath DIY floral crown. “Are you really wearing that?” said my brother. I hate him sometimes, but yes I really did wear it! And I don’t care because I owned it, even if it was way out there!






See! Kind of resembles a peacock! Instead of a turkey… Get it (; No? Okay…

Cream Dress; Ross Cardigan; Target Boots; Target Scarf; Israel Tights; Ross Floral Crown; DIY


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