crew neck sweatshirts

Let’s talk about crew neck sweatshirts today. I absolutely love the style & have been rocking it for the past few winters. It’s a great look because you’re still wearing a sweatshirt, but it’s a cute one, so bonus! I personally love wearing mine with all sorts of looks like maxi skirts & colored jeans. There’s so many kinds too! Graphic ones, striped ones, floral ones, lace ones, the amount of crew neck sweatshirts are endless!!! And I love em all. Here’s how I styled four of my favorite crew neck sweatshirts that I have lying in my closet.


This is one of my favorite crew neck sweatshirts from the amazing Hello Apparel. They are a t-shirt printing company based out of Arizona & they make the cutest tees for babies, kids, & adults. You should definitely check them out and follow them on Instagram @helloapparel for awesome giveaways & deals. Love their brand & product so much! I basically own one of everything in their online store! Check em out! Seriously! Anyways, I paired their grey “hello” pullover with my Forever 21 polka dot jeans & some maroon loafers that I got at Target for 9 bucks. I love these colors & the look of just everything here.


This look I have actually worn before! This is my “A” crew neck that I picked up at Forever 21 last winter. I saw it & fell in love! I’m lucky that most clothes that have random letters on it have been a’s & that I get to rock them with confidence & no shame! Go A being for awesome Abbey! The detail on this sweatshirt was perfect as well, a polka dot Peter Pan collar is to die for! Always! It goes perfect with my black skinny jeans & leather studded biker boots. This outfit is always a statement maker in my book! Don’t be afraid to dress bold & out of your comfort zone sometimes.


This one is a classic. You take a striped sweatshirt, pair it with some dark jeans, any type of vest & some little tan booties & it’s perfect. This outfit is so versatile & cute. Great for an afternoon of shopping or even a walk in the park.


I wore this outfit last winter too! I loved it & will probably wear something similar to this again. When I saw this black sweatshirt with gold studs all over it last year at Forever 21 I fell in love!! I know what you’re thinking and yes, I fall in love with clothes quite a bit… Anyways it has perfect detail so what’s not to love! Wearing it with my black high to low skirt, some black knit tights, & my brown leather boots made the outfit a hit! I love the (almost) monochromatic look of this outfit & it makes wearing a sweatshirt look like I actually tried in the morning!

What’s your favorite way to wear a crew neck sweatshirt? Let me know in the comments below!


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