Restyled Momma

So over Christmas/New Years I went on vacation to Georgia to visit some family friends. And while I was there I got to hang out and spend a bunch of quality time with my friend Danielle that I’ve looked up to my entire life! Every time I visit she always loves talking fashion with me and on this trip I actually went into her closet and threw some outfits together from clothes she already had. Clothes get me so excited!!! It’s like a crazy art form in my head that I can only explain by mixing and (mis)matching things together! It’s a cool outlet and I love helping others through it! So here’s some things I did to change and make “new” outfits by combining things in different ways! Enjoy!

Here’s a few tips on expanding your wardrobe…

1. Taking a simple black dress and adding color by pairing it with either a sweater or scarf makes it look completely different! And the combinations are endless.

2. Taking a neutral colored scarf (brown) and wearing it with vibrant colors (teal or mustard) and then just tying it different ways, makes the essence of the scarf/outfit different each time.

3. Wear your husbands clothes. I’m not kidding, do it! They have huge sweaters and shirts that are so comfy and look so cute on. I’ll do this one day too! Haha but their button ups look just as good under sweaters on you as they do on them! Or wear them open with a cute scarf, best look out there!

4. Same sweater, different look! Wear a sweater open, or twist and tie it! This gives a dress a completely different feel.

5. Feel like lounging? Wear a cute crew neck! This mint one we found at Target for 10 bucks! But it looks cute over a dress, on too of leggings or just with jeans. Super comfy and cute!


















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    yessss…. 🙂

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