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  • Styling Shelby: Round Three

    Let’s talk about styling Shelby, again. And again, and again, and again because I don’t ever think I could talk about her enough. My obsession with her is real guys. It really is. But sadly, this is my last styling post all about her! Tears, I know. But I’m sure I’ll do more style shoots […]

  • Black & White: Stripes

    Let’s talk about black and white striped shirts. Can a girl ever have too many of them? The answer is no. No, no, no, heck no!! I love black and white striped shirts and they honestly are all different! Different cuts, different fits, different looks, different widths. They are different guys, I promise. And I […]

  • Patterned Scarves & Sweaters

    Let’s talk about patterned scarves & sweaters for a bit. We all love sweaters & we all love scarves. But sometimes we all get in fashion funks where we wear the same outfits the same way all of the time. Especially scarves! And I’ve discovered that lots of girls are afraid of patterned pieces which […]

  • I heart the band

    I love graphic tees. They’re just so whimsical, and cute, and add some outfit attention. I found this one at Forever 21 at the beginning of summer but felt it was too juvenile to purchase so I put it back. But I always thought about it! All summer long as my obsession with the graphic […]

  • Outfit Perfection

    Sometimes, everything about an outfit just works. From the shoes to the accessories, and even the make up and hair, it just is perfect. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does you just swoon all over it. Lately, my perfect outfits have been happening on Sundays. Especially this last Sunday! I was in […]

  • Peek-a-boo Layers

    So last week I wore one of my favorite black and white polka dot pieces, a cotton summer dress. I hadn’t worn it since the middle of summer because after I washed it, it shrank. But I really wanted to wear it and since it’s colder now I thought it’d go great with tights! Except, […]

  • I <3 H&M

    Last week I saw a tweet that H&M was having a fall sale where a bunch of their clothes were dollars and dollars off online. So of course, me being me, I checked it out! FYI , I love that H&M opened their online store here in the US earlier this summer and that Reno […]

  • Magazine Inspiration.

    Even a fashionista like me sometimes copies a complete look from a magazine! Shocker. I know. But I do! I only normally look through one fashion magazine that I get sent to my house monthly, Marie Claire. And I love it. The pictures and the looks can totally inspire me and spark an outfit in […]

  • Mail day and F21

    I love mail day! And no it is not everyday for me… For me, mail day is when my online shopping orders come in. Yay! I used to not order online too often because I am the type of girl that HAS to try on everything. I never really know how something is gonna fit […]

  • One Year of Fashion, Yay Me!

    Exactly one year ago yesterday was when I first started this blog and my fashion Instagram (@fash_byabb). It’s extremely crazy to think about how far I have come since then and how much has changed, like my style for instance (soooo different). I’ve experienced a lot in the past year, things regarding fashion, and things […]