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  • monday encouragement

    monday encouragement

    In the world of blogging I am as basic as they come. Sure, I read all the tips on how to keep blogging fresh & new, & the trick to recycle the content you work so hard to create when the topic is still relevant. But I am still so lost & behind sometimes! And […]

  • monday morning encouragement

    monday morning encouragement

    Do you ever have days were you just wish you could crawl back into bed & try again tomorrow? Honestly, I’ve been feeling this way for almost two weeks now. I have felt unmotivated, unenergized, & completely incapable of completing any work tasks. Yep, I’m admitting it & sharing it with you all. NEWS FLASH, […]

  • abbey kay turns four: reflection & encouragement

    This week marks the fourth year that I’ve done this blog. And so much has changed. From what I share here & how I share it, to who I am, & what I love. It’s all different from that moment my 19 year old brave self decided to start out on a random adventure. I […]