monday encouragement

In the world of blogging I am as basic as they come. Sure, I read all the tips on how to keep blogging fresh & new, & the trick to recycle the content you work so hard to create when the topic is still relevant. But I am still so lost & behind sometimes! And is it bad that I feel so dishonest reposting old blog posts? I mean, I do work really hard on writing blogs, but when it come to my encouragement pieces I tend to feel like I need to write them more so in the moment. But sometimes “Monday Morning Encouragement” would turn into “afternoon” or even “Tuesday” encouragement, or even “skipping this week/non-existent” encouragement.  So is it really that awful of an idea to every one in awhile choose to give myself a break & still dish out some encouragement to all of you with the tactic of blog reposting? I’m thinking, let’s give it a try (at least for today), & we’ll see how it goes!

Here’s a post for when you need to love your body more. And here’s one for when you need a reminder on being kind to other women. And this one, which I really love is for when you need to know that what you do matters!

I also have posts on being confident in who you arethe idea that you need to love your body & surround yourself with those who will do the same, & a reminder that you are still loved today (this one was written just after valentine’s day).

But I also have posts on what to do in san francisco with your family7 lush cosmetics products & why i love them, & all about plants – where to buy them, how to care for them, & cute planters finds if you’re wanting something different.

I hope your day was filled with a glimpse of joy today. That if you were tired, or over it, or felt like you needed to get away, that you still found at least one thing that made you smile & be grateful for today’s existence. I know that’s hard to do sometimes, but it is definitely a way to help turn your day or even your mood around.

If you’re feeling like everyone is demanding you to create everything new, produce all the time, & always be ahead of the game, remember that old work is still great work. If anything, it shows how far you’ve come. Don’t ever be afraid to remind others of your journey & story. It’s worth it to bring your past, in work & life, to show growth.

Okay, so this basically just turned into a new post of it’s own. Maybe I’ll try again another time to just solely repost content entirely, but a mix of both isn’t a bad place to start, right?


Always know that reflection is a good thing, especially when you’re starting to like what you see that is starting back.

– abbey kay




*brought to you by a girl who is giving herself grace today 



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