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Life is crazy lately. Between being so busy running my own business & having the constant feeling of needing to be on the go, self-care gets pushed the side just so we can get things done. Nobody has time to get good sleep, nobody has time to hydrate, & nobody has time to deal with dark circles. Well thanks to VII Code I was able to try out there Oxygen Eye Mask, I now have some help to at least tackle one of my problems.

Photo Apr 30, 11 48 20 AM_preview.jpeg

VII Code sent me their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair to try out & they’re so simple & easy to use. They came in a pack of 6 eye treatments, & are made to be worn while you sleep. They are the first eye masks that are safe to use for up to 8 hours which makes their natural potent antioxidants put their full use. All you do is open then package, peel off the back, put the gel side down on your skin under each eye, & then go to sleep. It’s seriously that easy to literally get beauty sleep.

Photo Apr 30, 11 48 22 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Apr 30, 11 48 23 AM_preview.jpeg

They are keen on helping your skin to feel instantly refreshed each morning while reducing the signs of aging around the eyes. They also help to reduce fine lines & wrinkles too…we all need help in that department, am I right? I love that the mask is made of gel-like material so you can instantly feel it working when you place it on your skin.

Photo Apr 30, 11 48 21 AM_preview

I’ll be honest that I was a little scared to try this product out because it does recommend using it over night. I don’t really feel like I have sensitive skin, but at least with a mask that you use for 5-15 minutes you’re awake & can know if you’re allergic to it right away. I was nervous about having a reaction & waking up to an irritation. I’m happy to say that that wasn’t the case at all! You could see clear results after just one night of usage & I love that it made the skin under my eyes feel hydrated & smooth.

Photo Apr 30, 11 48 22 AM (1)_preview.jpegPhoto Apr 30, 11 48 24 AM_preview.jpeg

These masks are unlike any masks I have ever tried before & I love the convenience of them. Dark circles weren’t a problem anymore for me. I definitely recommend these masks for all my tired momma friends, my entrepreneur friends, & anyone who just needs to practice taking care of them selves more. Although, I do suggest still hydrating & getting good sleep too, & adding these VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask’s in as a bonus.

Be sure to check them out over on their Instagram & on their Website too!

I have more beauty posts here & here, oh, & also here too! I hope you liked reading about my experience with these oxygen eye masks. Comment below with your best tip on how you get rid of dark eye circles below!


Always know that you’re beautiful no matter what!

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who loves trying out new beauty products



This post is sponsored by VII Code. All opinions & images are by me.





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