7 lush cosmetics products & why i love them

Lush Cosmetics is known for their outrageously named & brightly colored bath bombs. But did you know that they also offer a ton of other body care products like soaps, lotions, face washes, masks, & more? The first time I walked into a Lush store was back in 2015 when I was on vacation in LA. I was there with my brother & his friend who convinced me to give them a try when I told her about my skincare routine that consisted of drug store products. I picked up these three things that day & was instantly in love with the line of products. I’ve tried so many since then & am going to share with you my top 7 products that I still use to this day!

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My favorite facial cleanser that I have tried from Lush has been Let the Good TImes Roll. It’s of a clay consistency & seriously smells amazing. I love that it comes in two different sizes & in their recyclable containers. It works as a cleanser & exfoliant, which I love! I’ve also tried this Coalface facial cleanser & this Fresh Farmacy facial soap & liked them both as well.

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My absolute favorite products that Lush carries is their body butter line. What’s body butter? Literally, like it sounds. It’s a cream-like bar that melts like butter on contact & is meant to be used as the last step in the shower to moisturize the skin. Just rub it in, rinse off & dry off like normal. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth & moisturized. Since using it I have been able to skip applying lotion after getting out of the shower which is a must when living in the desert. I love the Buffy & my favorite is the Scrubee, but I’ve used  The Rough With The Smooth & like it too.

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All bow to the Lush bath bombs. If you’ve ever been in a Lush store, these babies are what make the place smell so magical & delicious. I could smell the different scents of them all day long. The point of them is to make your bath a fizzy scent-filled essence with a moisturizing effect. And to be honest, it does just that. I love the Avobath & the Dragon’s Egg.

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Lush has this really cool reward system designed around recycling their plastics containers. When you save up 5 of their plastic containers & bring them back into any of their stores, you can get a face mask for free. That’s how I ended up trying out their face masks in the first place because honestly, who doesn’t love free? They don’t carry the above face mask anymore (bummer!), but next on my list I want to try Cup O’ Coffee or Cupcake. The masks they carry have different benefits for different skin types & if you ask one of their associates for help, they are great at guiding you to find the right one suited for your skin!

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Since first using Lush soaps almost three years ago I haven’t used a different brand of soap in my shower routine. I love all the soaps I have tried from Lush. I feel like they last for quite awhile & their scents are my favorite. I am very sensitive to smells, florals & spices give me horrible headaches, so any fruit or tropical themed scents are my go to. Bohemian & Sexy Peel are my top soap picks because of their fruity scents, but I also love SandstoneSultana of Soap.

Overall I have tried quite a few Lush products, like their Breath of Fresh Air toner & their Imperialis facial moisturizer, but these ones are my top picks! I don’t have a Lush store locally so I either have it shipped to my house, pick up things when I drive through Sacramento (the closest store to where I live), or have my brother bring it up from Las Vegas when he travels home. I bought stuff when I was in Hawaii last September too because I’ll do anything to not pay shipping! I’m clearly a Lush Cosmetics fan & I don’t see that ending anytime soon!

Have you ever tried anything from Lush? What are your favorite products from them?


Always know that self-care is important & that it starts surrounding yourself with good products, people, & things.

– abbey kay


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*brought to you by a girl who is a Lush fan





2 responses to “7 lush cosmetics products & why i love them”

  1. Monique Jackson Avatar

    The love lettuce face mask is so good

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Right? I love it so much!

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