the opening of west elm in reno

Reno is known as the biggest little city in the world. We’re a smaller scale town with so many people, yet you run into somebody you now everytime you leave the house. It’s a blessing & a curse quite honestly. But this little city has gotten just a bit bigger with the grand opening of the home furnishing store, West Elm.

With a unique take on modern & timeless pieces, West Elm is a fresh place to be inspired when developing the decor aesthetics of your home. They’re big on simplicity, mixing & matching pieces, working with ethical standards, & have a huge heart for collaborating with local artists & hand makers in every city they open up shop in. 

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the space before the opening party last night. It’s located in the old post office building right in the center of the city while dividing our town’s hip midtown & old school downtown. The space is beautiful & I’m so impressed with redevelopment of a building that has so much character from it’s use years ago. I love living in a city that is huge on restoring the old to make it brand new & they did a magnificent job on this project.


The store has a great combination of all types of styles at decently affordable prices. I loved the different classic dishware alongside the whimsical pieces as well. And the light fixtures are so dreamy & hipster-esque, which is right up Reno’s alley.

The couches & pillows had to be my most favorite things to gawk over though. Pillows with tassels? Yes please! The warm tones of decor are just too dreamy. I’m loving this boho take on home decor.

Can we talk about the lighting though? Even if I had no need to buy something, on any given day you still might find me hanging out & swooning over the space & it’s glowing structure. Like, this doesn’t even look like Reno & I am in complete awe of it! 

I may be slightly biased, but my favorite part of the entire store is the locally made section because it features Pantry Products. Shop owner Michelle created handmade bar soap that is sold exclusively in the West Elm storefront & I was lucky enough to take the pros it pictures for it, which can be seen here on West Elm’s Blog.

I enjoyed getting to be a part of such a special event here in town & I want to thank Nicole & Stella personally for being such great tour guides of the space! You can see some more behind the scenes footage of the store & snaps from the opening party last night on my Snapchat (@abbeykayblog).

Reno, let’s welcome West Elm openly & support this great company that is here to help support our community, development, growth! 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who is so grateful for an opportunity like the one had yesterday (private tour + opening party = what!?!?)





6 responses to “the opening of west elm in reno”

  1. Tessa Avatar

    So great to see you there last night! ❤

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Same! I love running into you all over (:

  2. jeess1007 Avatar

    Is this at midtown??? Thanks for your post, I probably would never known about it!

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      It’s just between midtown & downtown, on Center street! You should definitely check it out along with The Basement & all it’s shops located underneath!

      1. jeess1007 Avatar

        I love the Basement, one word Rawbry!
        Thanks I will def. check it out

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