monday morning encouragement: what are the odds? 

What are the odds that you’ll wake up to 8 inches of snow the day after Easter? That was my town’s reality today. Waking at 6:30am to a springtime wonderland & having it still be falling hours later. The weather here is so unpredictable & we’ve even had snow in July before. Sunny one day, freezing the next. That’s just life here in Nevada. 

But honestly, what are the odds of anything in life? 

What are the odds you’ll graduate college or get a “good” job? 

What are the odds you’ll fall in love or get your heart broken? 

What are the odds you’ll have kids, or won’t be able to have any at all?

What are the odds you’ll start that cleanse today, or eat the bagel in the cupboard instead?

There are so many things in life that we can’t control, but some that can be controlled by just a few choice decisions. 

If you never go to college, then the odds of not graduating are high. 

If you yourself define what you think a “good” job is then odds are your satisfaction of it will be greater than if you listen to what society says. 

If you never open your heart up to love, then odds are you’ll never get your heart broken. 

Some things we control, some we don’t. Waking up to snow or never getting the chance to become a mother are odds we sometimes can’t beat.

But for the odds that we know we have a chance at winning or aren’t afraid of losing, I say go for it.

Take the plunge. 

Define your life. 

Open yourself up. 

Start something new. 

Because even if you’re scared, even if you’re unsure of what the outcome will be, there are some things worth taking a chance on. Some experiences are even worth losing to have lived through them.

What are the odds of life winning because we just stood on the sidelines? I’m not sure, but none of us make it out alive anyway. So why not take a chance on any odds that may come your way? 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who promises to start that cleanse tomorrow because that bagel was just calling my name





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