monday morning encouragement: say goodbye to the monday feels

  If you’ve got the Monday feels, then raise your hand. Did you do it? Well I’m just gonna assume that you did. Because you’re human. Because you’re at work. Because it’s not the weekend. And mainly because we all hate Monday’s because it’s the day that feels like death. 

We left our life back there with the weekend in the days that start with s. And we’re now in the valley of the dry desert trying to see the glimmer of hope that is Friday night. For some reason, we treat the days in between as not even real days at all. We act as if they have no real meaning or purpose & are just filler days to get us to our next glory days. 

But, let me ask you this…

If you’re just living for the weekend, are you really even living at all?

I don’t think it’s wrong to look forward to your days off where you have total freedom, but you live every single day, not just on Sat & Sun. So, why are you not acting like you’re alive during the MTWTh parts? I didn’t know life was supposed stop & continue right in the middle of it all. 

Today, I challenge you to do something out of the norm this week, out of routine, out of the you. Go get ice cream on your lunch break. Go to an early evening movie. Call up some friends & go bowling. Drive to the coast after work. Check out a local event. Just think of something you would never do on a Tuesday night, & do it. 

I don’t want you or I to look back on this life & regret not living more. Because in the words of my good friend Ryan, “I’m pretty sure at the end of my life, I’m gonna regret all I didn’t do, not the Netflix shows I didn’t get to watch.”

Throw your Monday feels out the window & feel them never again. Finish your work today like the #boss you are, & then go live your life until you must slumber. Life exists everyday, so throw on your stunna shades & act like it does.

— abbey kay  
*brought to you by someone who wants to live life more full






One response to “monday morning encouragement: say goodbye to the monday feels”

  1. Shannon Waisath Avatar

    Love your writing style. I’ll definitely try to harness this mantra! It’ll be even harder to achieve in winter! hahaha

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