abbey kay & kinship goods

To be quite honest, I don’t get dressed in real clothes or outfits all too often anymore. I have recently become a full time time nanny which requires early mornings, flexibility, & messy, sticky, baby hands. So work out clothes just make most sense. And if I do ever have to leave the house for an evening, I’ve lately just been throwing on a pair of skinny jeans & the same three tops & calling it good. I have no idea where these recent habits leave me in the fashion world, but it’s real life & it’s just what I have to do for right now.

So on the odd chance that my creativity in my closet creates something random & magical, I have to whip out my camera & capture it to share with you guys. This look is simple, it’s basically just a graphic tee & jeans. But the way I tied it all together is what sells this looks as being something that is above average & far from normal. Throwing on a hat, some cool shoes, or grabbing a clutch & sunnies can step up the look of your outfit in just a simple addition of accessories. 

Is this look high fashion? No. And I’m not trying to make it be or say that it is. Lately, I’ve been getting a ton of negative comments on what I wear, how I wear it, the way I do my make-up, or people on the internet just telling me who I should be. I’m not the type of blogger who is a pro by any means. I’m not someone who knows the most “in” trends & will spend hundreds of dollars just to look like everyone else. I’m just a nanny who enjoys clothes & my take on beauty & sharing bits of my life to encourage others around me who may need it. It’s just an outfit that I felt good in & that’s why I wanted to share it.

Today, I want you to know, that no matter what people say, you rock! Take the negative comments you hear, process them to see if it’s real criticism or just rude words, & shake it off. If you’re doing something you love & you’re 100% passion about it, then just do it. You have the ability to make your dreams come true, no matter what other people say. Just remember that truth & fly with it into success. You can do it!

This Don’t Boss Me, Don’t Cross Me tee from Kinship Goods directly reflects my attitude when it comes to people who try & get in the way of accomplishing my goals & dreams. And it should be yours too. Don’t let others pull you down by their words. It’s honestly not worth the energy or time to worry about it. Know your value & success will surely follow. 

I hope you all know how much I appreciate those of you who follow & read & support what I’m doing. You all deserve huge high fives & big internet hugs. So thanks!

— abbey kay 

Hat / NastyGal

Sunnies / Free People

Jeans / Old Navy

Shoes / Top Shop

Clutch / Fine Life Co (Baggu)

Tee / Kinship Goods






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