the fierce









Romper/ H&M Tights/ Kohl’s Booties/Kohl’s Clutch/ Forever 21 Necklace/ Forever 21

I’m back on that perfect Sunday outfit game. This weekend I worked a shorter shift on Sunday & it was so nice. It left me with an entire morning to get ready to my fullest ability & build an outfit with no rush or time-clock. It was a much needed break that I so treasured. I have basically no mornings anymore where I can just take a step back & fully create myself for that day. And yes, I’m talking about “picking out an outfit” here. It’s so much more than that to me. It truly is a moment that I cherish each (most) days where I can just dream up the person that I want to be for the next 12-15 hours. Whether that be a boho princess or a Grecian goddess, or a classic Kardashian or even a grungy 90’s chick. It’s a place where I can zone out all the comments & criticism & voices in the world telling me who I have to be or what I have to look like. Just me, my clothes, & my imagination. It’s a fun & calming place for me to be personally. And I invite you to go there too. Be someone new if you want. Wear something different if you dare. You can always change it up tomorrow, or not. To me, for just this one day, this outfit gave me power & confidence. I felt fierce & alive. What has the ability to do that for you in your life? I challenge you to find it, seize it, & use it to it’s best capability. For me, it’s outfits & getting to think outside the box with my wardrobe. What’s the energy behind your power stance? Be a Beyoncé. Find your voice, then use it & be loud.

— abbey kay


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