outfit dawg

I don’t own a tiny black & white dog with high pointy ears. But I definitely wore a picture of one on my shirt yesterday & it took even me by surprise. Boston terriers are super cute, but I’m not that crazy of a dog last. I just apparently am crazy enough to wear a graphic of a dog I don’t own….*sigh. No matter how I wore this outfit yesterday though, it just didn’t look good without the puppy tee underneath. Trust me, I tried. I tried every other option & it just didn’t look as good without it. So I was stick feelin silly & weird wearing a dog on my shirt. So I rocked it & didn’t care what anyone thought of me. It was whimsical & cute & a definite conversation starter. Sometimes an outfit has to be weird to be perfect. And when it is, just go with it! It’s only for a day & everybody will forget about it tomorrow!








Tee; H&M Kimono; F21 Skinnies; Macy’s Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

As silly as this outfit was, I secretly I kind of loved it! Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

—abbey kay


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