patterns & prints

Honestly, what’s the difference between a pattern & a print? I’m sure there’s some Webster definition that will depict the two. But to me patterns seem pretty like florals & prints tend to be geometric? That’s what I’m going with! Yesterday, I mixed the two in my outfit & I adored it! I repurposed a cotton floral strap, previously a part of a kimono, & wore it as a headband. I paired it along with a plain black crop top, some white flats, & some geometric print harem pants in black & white. Not gonna lie, I loved this outfit. It was a chill day in the life of abbey kay, but even on my chill days I still love to dress up. I feel so grateful that I am able to take part in something I love every single day. And to everyone who supports my dreams & fashion lifestyle, well I just love you & could never thank you enough! If I didn’t have support & followers, I don’t know where I’d be. So thank you!! I love you guys.











Crop Too; F21 Pants; Ross Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Headband; Repurposed

Is mixing prints & patterns something you fear? Don’t be afraid! Just try it. Be bold, in confidence & your style. Try something new! I promise it’s not that scary. Just do it…..DO IT! Do it. Yeah, so do it.

—abbey kay


One response to “patterns & prints”

  1. marlenameow Avatar

    Love it! I just said to a friend last night: “I think I need some harem pants.” Now I definitely do; love this combo!

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