rad threads

I rocked some handmade mom & pop products yesterday. They’re two of my favorite brands & they just happen to be run by a pair of sisters. One is Monroe & Harlow who make handmade headbands, & the other is Rad Republic Threads who make custom tees, tanks, & hats. They’re both such awesome people to work with & purchase from & they’re the friendliest gals around. The headbands are seriously THE best headbands around with so many colors, makes, & prints to choose from & they fir so comfortably. The tees are the softest material ever & come on so many colors, graphics, & cuts. What I love about them most is that both companies are so willing to work with you as a customer to make sure you get exactly what you want out of their products. So buy from them! You don’t be disappointed one bit! Bonus: they go together so well! Just buy any item from each shop, add in some leggings & you’ve got a killer outfit to rock.








Tank; Rad Republic Threads Leggings; F21 Flats; F21 Headband; Monroe & Harlow

They really do go together so well. I have like a bazillion of these headbands & seriously won’t buy one unless it’s from this shop. And these tees are gonna be my go-to’s for summer!

—abbey kay


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