sporty chick

So I have this sweatshirt. It’s black & white & is all stripes. No big deal right? Except the stripes are vertical & everybody & their mother loves to point out that I look like a referee when I wear it. Cool dudes. Cause the “where’s your whistle” joke hasn’t gotten old or anything. Haha I hate when people mock my clothes! Because funny thing is, I normally am trying to resemble whatever it is they are trying to poke fun at… Yeah. I’m that lamo. I just love witty fashion!









Top; H&M Jeans; Old Navy Flats; F21 Necklace; F21

I loved this look yesterday. Like I normally do… I just felt like it was something new for me to try out & I felt nervous doing so. But I rocked it! Tucked in shirts & mom jeans for days!!!

— abbey kay


2 responses to “sporty chick”

  1. The Sartorial Coquette Avatar
    The Sartorial Coquette

    you look beautiful!! love how you added the more folky necklace to an otherwise very urban outfit 🙂

  2. camilleglanzmann Avatar

    I really like this.

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