new year’s eve

Let’s talk about the cliché New Years Eve posts about the year that is about to pass. For starters, I hate the word cliché, absolutely hate it. I just do & that’s just that. I also just don’t like the whole glory behind “ringing in” a new year. As my friend Camille Glanzmann wrote about in her post, today is just another day & tomorrow will be too. It’s true ladies, it just is! A new year can start at any time you choose for it too. You can make a change any day, at any time, in anyway you like, so why wait for January 1st? It just seems silly to me.

I also don’t like the reflection parade part that New Years brings. I mean, I’m constantly reflecting on who I was a year ago, but not solely tonight. I think about it on my birthday, on June 20th, on April 13th, & even on October 27th. Who I was a year ago & what has happened leading up to that day is what I reflect on. I reflect on who I am today because of yesterday & last month, and 2 hours ago after watching My Sister’s Keeper & realizing life is too short to act the way I do. Reflection is good & it can be bad. It’s by God’s grace alone that I have changed from who I was a year ago & it will also be by His sufficient grace that I’ll change from who I am today. But a single number change from a 3 to a 4 doesn’t do that. It’s takes a 3, & a t, and a change in heart to make me new.

Anyways, this post has gone astray from what I originally planned to write. Welcome to my brain everybody! As I sit here in a chair not planning on going out tonight, because I never do, I reflect on who I was a year ago. Things have changed, hearts have been broken, love has been shown, tears have been shed, jokes have been made, & discovery has happened. Here’s an ode to a year that has no direct meaning to me because it was just in fact days that will be the same when tomorrow becomes today & today becomes yesterday.

But for all means of fun & silly tradition, here’s 13 love/hate’s of mine for 2013.

1. I was in 3 weddings & attended a total of 9. Holy summer of love, I love/hated all that love.

2. I gained some weight, but I love my curves! That’s definitely some love/hate see-saw action.

3. My style has evolved which I love, but sometimes I feel like I dress emo which I hate.

4. My parents got me my dream car that I love, but I hate that I don’t appreciate them as often as I should.

5. I got to go to my favorite place for Christmas to see my favorite people which I love, but I hate saying goodbyes…

6. My best friend had a baby which I love love love, but I hate that she’s growing up too too fast!

7. I took one single college class that I loved, but hate that I hate college & don’t know what my next step should be.

8. I love that I’ve been fashion blogging more & that it seems to be inspiring others. But I sometimes hate how my life can feel like it’s controlled by apparel consumerism.

9. I love filling in my eyebrows everyday & the definition they create. I hate that some days I overfill them. Scary!

10. I love that my love for donuts & “donut” jokes have grown. I donut love that it’s not “socially acceptable” or bodily functional to eat one everyday… Quit donut hatin y’all!

11. I turned 21 & I guess I loved that. But I hated losing my money, & my brothers, & my mom’s while gambling.

12. I’ve come to love the color gold! But I hate the lyrics that come with it’s obsession. (I AIN’T SAYIN SHE A GOLD DIGGA!)

13. I hate the superstition that comes with the number 13, but I guess I love that this post is done?


But here’s to hoping that 2014 is everything that you hope it to be! Because I do believe in goals & change & happiness with new beginnings. It’s just not something I am able to commit myself too! Happy New Year followers.

— abbey kay


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  1. camilleglanzmann Avatar

    you make me smile.

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