monday morning encouragement

Happy beautiful spring morning from Reno! I seriously had the best weekend in a long time & I barely did a thing! It started out by going to coffee with my cousin where we just talked for a few hours, & it ended with a bunch of me time organizing & cleaning up my studio. It was so refreshing! Sometimes those kind of weekends are exactly what I need. Anyone else out there feel that way too?

Today, I want to talk about the idea of not selling yourself short. Simple term, I know. We’ve all heard it before. But do we actually apply it to our own self & lives? Do we sell ourselves as the confident, smart, talented, & great humans that we are, or do we actually come off as doubtful, & unsure, & therefore sell ourselves short? I’m here to encourage you to not do the latter.

You are talented. Did you know that? There is something you can do or offer that no one else can.

You are great. Did you read that? You are not the negative labels that others define you as.

You are smart. Do you realize that? No matter the amount of education you have received, you know things & are intelligent.

You are confident. Don’t feel like it? That’s okay to feel that way, but you have the strength within you to be your biggest supporter & cheerleader, you just have to let that voice come out.

Don’t sell yourself short.

You are greater & smarter, & more talented, & confident than you know.

Walk into that office & own your great idea.

Sit down at that meeting with that client & showcase your amazing talent.

Go to class & know that you are smart enough to be there.

Be confident in who you are & in everything you do.

If you sell yourself short, then the world will never see all you truly have to offer.

Take leaps, make sacrifices, set goals, crush them, move forward, brush off the hate, ignore the self-doubt, & take on your dreams like the great, intelligent, confident, & talented person that you are.

Don’t sell yourself short because you’re worth gold, baby.


Always know that you are worth every ounce of joy & success this world has to offer.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who will no longer sell herself short






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