pure barre reno workout review

The week before last I was invited to come & workout at Pure Barre here in Reno by local owner Micah Kraemer. I had heard of the workout center before & knew it involved a ballet bar, but other than that I honestly had no clue what kind of exercise it involved. I will admit that I am not the hardcore exercising type. I grew up playing sports & loved them, but I always dreaded running & conditioning, but never minded when we had to lift weights. I never felt that I was “good” at exercising so I always felt embarrassed to join a gym, attend a class, or even try out yoga. I enjoy hikes & taking hour long walks, but that’s pretty much the only exercise I have done for the past few years besides playing seasonal adult softball. But, having been offered to come & attend a class, I was willing to go outside of my comfort zone & give it a try.

Photo Feb 21, 2 55 20 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 21, 2 57 53 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 21, 2 56 38 PM_preview.jpegI attended a class at 8:30 in the morning at their South Reno location, & the night before I had watched their welcome video so that I somewhat knew what to expect. The exercises done in the video seemed pretty simple, but I was planning on it not being easy for me since I know there are some physical exercises I have just never been able to do. I was honestly super nervous when I walked in that morning. The class instructor, Hannah, who I had met before made me feel completely welcome though & assured me I’d do great. I waited to find out…

Photo Feb 21, 2 59 58 PM_preview.jpegWhen you take a Pure Barre class you don’t wear shoes! You’re required to wear a pair of sticky socks to help with traction, & yes, you definitely need them. So I put them on, & entered the mirrored room with about 10 other ladies as we were about to workout for the next 55 minutes. The only equipment you use is a small red rubber ball, light weights, elastic ropes, a ballet bar, a padded mat, & yourself! Each class is different, but will always consist of a warm-up in the middle of the room, to light weights & arms, then moving to the bar for legs, & then to the floor for abs & a cool down. Sound like a lot? You honestly can’t even tell! The pace of the class isn’t what I would call fast as in you’re unable to catch your breath. But you are constantly changing positions/movements making sure that you’re working every muscle in your body with one inch increments. So basically you’re moving & pulsing & tucking your muscles constantly so there’s no time to think about the fact that you’re actually working out!

There’s upbeat music playing the entire time, but you don’t really notice it as you find yourself concentrating on getting the technique of the moves just right. The environment is so encouraging too & there’s no need for insecurity because again, with the constant moving you’re more focused on doing the quick exercises than looking around the room. I truly felt no judgement, even when I couldn’t fully execute positions like planks! The instructor Hannah was moving around the room the entire time while announcing the next position on her headset, demonstrating the way to do it, helping you get the hang of it if you were a bit lost, encouraging you along the way, & helping you count down to “just 10 more”.

Photo Feb 21, 2 59 16 PM_preview.jpegMy overall thoughts: In the beginning I thought there was no way I’d last the whole class without dying, remember, this girl is not in shape! But they say the first 10 minutes is the hardest so if you feel like you’re dying, just keep going. I was super proud of myself for finishing. It really did go by very quickly, & the best part in my opinion was that you didn’t feel out of breath or completely exhausted by the end of it. The rest of the day I had so much energy & got a ton of things done & yes, I hold that Pure Barre class responsible for that especially because I barely got any sleep the night before due to nerves! I would definitely take another Pure Barre class even though I’ll admit that the entire 55 minutes were hard for me, but I blame that on my lack of exercise in general.

Photo Feb 21, 3 00 22 PM_preview.jpegI had posted an image on my Instagram Stories the morning I was there & I found out that a lot of my followers have taken or currently do take Pure Barre classes. So many of you shared your love for it & the fact that it never truly gets easier just better! I think you should definitely try something more than once before you can really tell if it’s a good fit for you or your life. For me, I honestly never liked working out because I have never been “fit” or cared to push myself to be better physically. But I think that a part of being healthy is having a well exercised body, & honestly, taking a Pure Barre class was the first form of exercise I have ever experienced that didn’t make me feel like I didn’t belong. I feel that it’s truly a class that anyone can take at any level of physical fitness where you’ll walk away feeling successful & satisfied.

Thank you so much for having me Pure Barre Reno. I enjoyed experiencing something new & pushing myself to partake in something I’ve always dreaded. Your classes are fun & engaging, & you’ve created an encouraging & comfortable environment for all body types to come & work out! There is no greater feeling than being comfortable in your own skin, & I felt that way while exercising in your classes which is something I never knew I could do!

Always know that you can do anything you set your mind to!

– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who exercised & didn’t actually hate it


This post is sponsored. But the words & experience are my own.







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