friday feels

Wishlist of the week: My plants & I need this mister in our lives. I’d love to get to water my plants with this cute little thing!

Restaurant of the week: I checked out Noble Pie Parlor this week when I had a meeting, and omg, the pizza was so good! The crust was my favorite. But let’s be real, the crust is always my favorite part!

Adventure of the week: I drove to Truckee by myself for a meeting on Wednesday & then stopped to have a cup of coffee at Coffeebar. The drive alone was so nice & beautiful & relaxing. Why don’t I take more quick solo road trips?

Show of the week: New Girl. Have you seen it? It’s probably my favorite show ever. The humor is totally my jam & it’s a show that I can watch over & over again. Dare I say it’s better than Friends? It is. And I’m so sad the final season of New Girl starts in April…I need my Jessica Day & Nick Miller!

News of the week: This morning I got myself into a sticky situation… I dropped an entire family size container of maple syrup all over my kitchen floor. Like, allll over my floor. It was, sticky. Also, I’m not on Whole30 anymore. Whoops!

Projects of the week: This week I had so many meetings that I really enjoyed. Creative meetings make my soul come alive & some great content & events are coming your way soon! I posted a fun DIY Olympic Donut Rings project that was really yummy too. You can look forward to a Valentine’s Day post for next week.


Happy Friday Feels! Will you be watching the Olympics this weekend & all month long? I’m already glued to the Opening Ceremonies… Hope you have a great week!

Follow along on my weekend adventures over on my Instagram, @abbeykayblog.


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who is going to watch the Olympics all weekend long





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