last year’s trip to las vegas

Last May I took a trip down to Las Vegas to visit my brother. He showed me coffee shops, the desert, restaurants, & parts of Vegas that I never knew existed. I’m heading there again this week & thought I’d finally share my photos from last year’s trip. I had so much fun, & truly enjoyed my time there. What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas because it can come back with you in the form of pretty photography.

We went to Publica coffee shop, & walked around Fremont street. This is hands down one of my favorite areas in Vegas. There’s a shopping center made of storage containers filled with local shop owners that I absolutely loved, it’s such a unique space! We checked out a few bars in the area too & I loved the community outdoor space they all had to offer. The art in this part of town is so interesting as well.

Vegas has such great food. My brother took me to this tiny local bakery where we shared these mini macarons. Amazing! And we ate at an American tapas places called Carson Kitchen which was my favorite restaurant we went to the entire weekend. Park on Fremont is such a fun place to eat at too. I had “adult” chicken fingers & my brother ate a Mac n Cheese pulled pork sandwich. The outdoor dining space is so colorful & home-y & has so much to look at! 

One of my top requests during this trip was that I wanted to see Joshua Trees. So my brother drove me way outside of the city so that my dream could come true! They are so magnificent in person.I seriously went to so many coffee shops in a three day span. I was able to try Nitro Cold Brew coffee from two different shops, & event visit a Harry Potter themed coffee shop. And no trip for me is ever complete without a stop at a donut shop & these colorful beauties from Donut Bar were just sublime.

We went to a cactus garden & saw so many pokey desert plants! And I had so much fun capturing the old vintage signage & eyepopping murals. Somehow between all these toursiting we were able to watch all of the X-men movies & I became a fan in one weekend. That time with my brother was truly special & I’m so glad I got to life in his city for a few days. 

Can’t wait to go back to the LV tomorrow!

— abbey kay 

*brought to you by a girl who loves to travel, & is grateful for the opportunity to get to do so often 


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