monday morning encouragement: make a sound & let it be heard

I have a beater car. It’s cute & it’s black & boxy & I call it a poor girl’s Range Rover. It works well. It has no blind spots & only a few dents & scratches. I love this car. It’s always clean, it’s pretty reliable, & it’s the perfect size for just me. But,Continue reading “monday morning encouragement: make a sound & let it be heard”

monday morning encouragement: piece it back together

The Monday after Thanksgiving…who else feels a little tired? Between getting ready for the holiday, the actual celebrating, cleaning up, shopping, & family time, it’s all just a big blur of exhaustion to me. I love this time of year. I love the gloomy weather, comfy sweaters, cozy blankets, family traditions, enjoyable memories, & soContinue reading “monday morning encouragement: piece it back together”

monday morning encouragement: words for today 

I don’t know what to say this morning. I don’t know what words to write. I don’t know how to express the flatline of emotion that I feel. I thought I had come to a place where my words wouldn’t offend, where they couldn’t cause hurt, where they wouldn’t strike pain. I thought I hadContinue reading “monday morning encouragement: words for today “

monday morning encouragement series

   Monday mornings are always such a drag around these parts. They’re my hardest work day of the week right now & it’s not because I’ve just come out of the freedom of the weekend. It’s just a tough mixture of work I deal with on Mondays & by that evening I’m usually really upset,Continue reading “monday morning encouragement series”