you’re wearing that again?

Yes I am. I am wearing my M shirt again. It’s seriously my most favorite t-shirt & I wish I could wear it everyday. But the cool thing about a simple shirt is that the ways to wear it are endless! Just by changing your bottoms or your shoes can totally shake up the look!Continue reading “you’re wearing that again?”

elements & balance

Let’s talk about the perfect combination of elements in an outfit. Yesterday I created an awesome outfit that balanced out so well. The colors, textures, and cuts were just so perfect. I started with a grey & black raglan cotton dress & had no idea where to go from there. I didn’t wanna wear tightsContinue reading “elements & balance”

Target steals and deals

I have to tell you guys about my great finds at Target that I got last weekend! I love Target but normally it’s pretty pricey for items I know I can get cheaper elsewhere. But I do on occasion like to randomly stop by there and give it a look. I normally just snap upContinue reading “Target steals and deals”

I’m in love… with a muscle tee!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this new tribal muscle tee that I got from Forever 21 a few weeks ago. I love the style, and the fit, and the color, and the design on it! Everything about it is just honestly perfect! I’ve been dying to wear it and today just felt perfect forContinue reading “I’m in love… with a muscle tee!”

Polka Dot And What Not

This week has been rough. So rough. Which is honestly no fun to face after such an amazing God filled weekend. I’m over my job. I’m over school. I’m over no sleep. I’m over just anything that is currently not satisfying me right now, which seems to be everything! That sounds so selfish, no? ITContinue reading “Polka Dot And What Not”

Tribal and Denim

My two latest obsessions have been anything denim and small accents of tribal. (I’m currently looking for a new pair of mocs!) So in this post I’ve paired them together taking a tribal patterned maxi dress and showing you how to wear different aspects of denim with it. From dark to washed out and jacketsContinue reading “Tribal and Denim”