monday morning encouragement: go for the donut 

   Monday = not funday, for most of us at least. You’re tired of life, tired of routine, tired of doing what you’re supposed to do just because you’re supposed to do it. Well today I say, go for the donut friends, & enjoy every minute of it.  Today, go after that thing that reallyContinue reading “monday morning encouragement: go for the donut “

monday morning encouragement: make today your cup of tea

    Today may just not be your cup of tea. You may have ended the weekend on a low note. You may have woken up yesterday sick like I did. The unexpected may have happened & it’s expectantly ruining your day. But I believe we can take what we’ve been given & turn it intoContinue reading “monday morning encouragement: make today your cup of tea”

m is for monday

Everybody hates Mondays & that is just a cultural truth. It means going back to work & the start of a long week & nobody likes that. I actually really like working on Mondays because I enjoy routine. The reason I hate Mondays though is because they’re usually my worst outfit days. I don’t knowContinue reading “m is for monday”