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  • monday morning encouragement:

    monday morning encouragement:

    Self-doubt. It’s totally the elephant in the room today. At least for me it has been. It’s the reason that I’ve written & re-written what to say about six times already. It’s made me second guess every single idea I’ve thought was good. It made me hit delete, delete, delete on my all of my […]

  • i love my mom, i really do

    I never truly knew who my mom was until my grandpa died. I never knew how much I needed her, how much I loved her, or how much she truly supported me until we both had to walk a path of grieving together.  My mom has always been a friend of mine. She was a […]

  • monday morning encouragement: it’s a one day at a time kind of life

    What will tomorrow bring? Nobody can truly say. We can guess. We can hope. We can long for something great, or grand to happen. But, we really don’t know what tomorrow holds. We’ll never be able to fully predict the future. We’ll never be able to completely promise anything beyond the sunset that brings the […]

  • a letter to my niece

    Dear Raegan, You’re finally here. You are born! Welcome to the world kid. This day has been long awaited, you have no idea! You’re my first niece & donut tell the future others, but you’ll probably forever be my favorite. Mainly because your mom & dad are my favorite, but I’m sure they’ll get over […]

  • a letter to myself: hey you, know what you’re worth

     This post isn’t for you today. It’s for me. I need a reminder. I need to tell myself a little something. So here I go… “Hey you, know what you’re worth.” Did you hear me? Know what you’re worth. Because I think you sell yourself short all the time. You get so wrapped up in […]

  • monday morning encouragement: you are still loved today

       I don’t know how your yesterday went. Whether it was great & fantastic, or it felt lonely & like you were forgotten, I want you to know one thing: you are still loved today.  Flowers smells so nice & are really colorful & pretty, but they eventually whither. Chocolate is the best invention ever, […]

  • monday morning encouragement: remember what it’s all about 

       It’s Christmas week! And that’s the most exciting thing ever. But today, you’re probably stuck at work, running around frantically finishing up shopping, or in a crowded loud house with your screaming  kids because they’re on school break. You’re most likely stressed, tired, over baking Christmas cookies, upset your pants don’t fit, & are […]

  • monday morning encouragement: you’re more ready than you think

       It’s that one day again, the one we all loath & dread while we wait for it to come. But it’s here. It’s today. And no matter the plans you planned to set out & do today, the one’s already failed & the one’s still yet to come, you’re more ready than you think […]

  • monday morning encouragement: today, remember this

       “No matter my history, past mistakes, relationship status, or career choice, I am worthy of love.” — So Worth Loving Today, remember this. Remember these words & let them resonate within you. Yesterday doesn’t matter. Last week doesn’t matter. Two years ago doesn’t matter. High school doesn’t matter. Your childhood doesn’t matter. Today, no matter […]

  • so worth loving & abbey kay 

                                  Have you ever had an out of body experience? Okay, I’m not talking the super creepy floating spirit kind. I’m just saying like the kind where you can’t believe something is actually happening to you because the situation is just too good to be true. Well, I experienced something […]