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  • knowing yourself & sadness

    knowing yourself & sadness

    I’m not sure that I’ve ever really opened up & shared my experience with this topic before. I know I have always been an advocate for allowing yourself to be sad & feel sadness if that’s what you’re currently feeling. I think it’s healthy to know where you’re at emotionally sometimes, & that’s it’s okay […]

  • monday encouragement

    monday encouragement

    Have you ever come to a point in your day, week, or life, & questioned what you are doing with your time? I know we’ve all been in place at one point in our lives & thought about how we aren’t where we wanted to be, or we aren’t where we want to be anymore. […]

  • gift guide for the summit in reno

    gift guide for the summit in reno

    Yesterday I took over the Instagram Stories for The Summit, a local mall here in the Reno/Tahoe area. I showed viewers the best places at The Summit to shop & buy holiday gifts for their loved ones. The Summit is such a versatile place to get gifts for everyone in your life, no matter what you’re looking […]

  • whole foods holiday partnership

    whole foods holiday partnership

    Cheers to it being the first day of December! I love this time of year & this month so much. There’s always so much to do, whether it’s partaking in a family tradition, like baking sugar cookies from scratch, or creating a new one, like decorating the tree with only red plaid ornaments, memories are […]

  • monday morning encouragement: let your feet wander so that you can get lost 

    Our generation is known as the generation of laziness. We have everything at the touch of our fingertips & we are told we have no work ethic. We are categorized as such because we are unsure of everything we want to be at 18, unlike the generations before us who were married, & work driven […]

  • bloke body review

    I’m not sure what first drew me to the Bloke Body brand. Whether it was the all natural & cruelty-free products or the eye catching floral packing, but I knew right away that I wanted to try it out when I saw it pop up on my Instagram feed. So a few weeks ago when they were […]