laugh a little: because tomorrow’s my birthday 

   Tomorrow is my birthday, & the greatest gift of all is laughter. So if you want to get me a gift, then just read this post & laugh away. I feel like the Internet grabbed these thoughts straight out of my head. Except for the ones about food, those ones they took from myContinue reading “laugh a little: because tomorrow’s my birthday “

laugh a little: holiday edition 

 The holidays are officially upon us & that means our lives now involve all things family & food. Mostly food, but still. So I rounded up some more funny things I found on the internet that remind us just why the holidays are the best time of the year. Enjoy, & laugh a little!   Continue reading “laugh a little: holiday edition “

laugh a little, again

   The last time I posted these little funnies everyone loved them, it was a huge hit. So I’ve rounded up some more that are just as funny for a second stab at getting you all to laugh a little bit today. Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, & enjoy!                     Continue reading “laugh a little, again”