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  • what to do when you feel like you just can’t do anything

    what to do when you feel like you just can’t do anything

    Lately, I’ve been voicing more & more about how I am just so unmotivated to work. I’ve been extra tired, uninterested, & have lacked any or all drive to do much of anything. Last week I had a few good days of getting work done & a few days of little to no work getting […]

  • berkeley girl

    Yesterday one of my best friends & I drove down to Hayward (right outside of San Francisco) to see out best friend play a home college basketball game! It was such a quick trip but so so good to see our third best friend! She won her game too! Yay! It was intense toward the […]

  • bars

    So I have this friend & her name is Micah. She’s pretty cool & supports my dreams of becoming a rapper. True story. Whenever I lay down a good rhyme she applauds me and says “bars”. She won’t ever tell me what that term means but I like to think it stands for “bad a$$ […]

  • Sister Saturday

    I do not have a sister. But I’m about to get one! No, my fifty year old mother is not pregnant… Haha but my brother is about to marry the girl of his dreams!!! And I could not be more happier for them. Today we had the enjoyment of getting to go to a women’s […]

  • Wedding Fever!

    Yesterday my friend Micah and I went to our friend Amanda’s sisters wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous! It was up at a Mt. Rose Ski Lodge and the view was absolutely breath taking. Not to mention the bride, she looked absolutely stunning in her laced halter top vintage styled dress. It was so overwhelming for […]

  • 4thgotten

    Hey everybody! Sorry but I forgot to post what I did for the fourth! How un-American of me. Anyways, for starters here’s for a little background history of my life. Every fourth of July my family and I get together with some friends of ours that live in Georgia. They moved from Nevada to Atlanta […]