b&w top

I’m a firm believer in online shopping. Most girls freak out about the thought of ordering something they have never seen in person before. And I totally get that! It can be scary sending your money off to someone or some company in hopes of receiving a piece that is somewhat close to what theContinue reading “b&w top”

pink & whites

Remember how yesterday I was talking about that wholeWhole30 business? Well, I’m super stoked on it right because I think it’s working! The t-shirt I wore yesterday, which I got from Top Knot Goods, fits me way different than it did before I started this eating “whole” thing. It’s way looser!!! That’s tight. I’ve neverContinue reading “pink & whites”

l o s t

I’m not very good at quotes or quoting people or movies or even telling stories correctly. I don’t really have a big enough of an attention span to be able to understand a deeper meaning behind someone’s philosophical statement. That’s just not how my brain works. So I don’t live by quotes. I don’t quoteContinue reading “l o s t”