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  • laugh a little: holiday editionĀ 

     The holidays are officially upon us & that means our lives now involve all things family & food. Mostly food, but still. So I rounded up some more funny things I found on the internet that remind us just why the holidays are the best time of the year. Enjoy, & laugh a little!    […]

  • Sister Saturday

    I do not have a sister. But I’m about to get one! No, my fifty year old mother is not pregnant… Haha but my brother is about to marry the girl of his dreams!!! And I could not be more happier for them. Today we had the enjoyment of getting to go to a women’s […]

  • 4thgotten

    Hey everybody! Sorry but I forgot to post what I did for the fourth! How un-American of me. Anyways, for starters here’s for a little background history of my life. Every fourth of July my family and I get together with some friends of ours that live in Georgia. They moved from Nevada to Atlanta […]