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  • abbey kay & honey and the hive

    A few months ago I had the opportunity to collaborative with & model for Honey and the Hive, a small business that hand paints designs for apparel, mugs, & prints. I first came across this shop through Instagram & instantly fell in love with it’s strong hues of color, punny food related sayings, & of course […]

  • abbey kay & aw flowers

                                                        The earth laughs in flowers. That’s a famous quote by some guy named Emerson & I only know that because it’s the favorite saying of my friend Amanda who owns her own floral design company, AW Flowers. She’s builT the company […]

  • midtown & community shoot

                                        A few weeks ago I had a friend named Taylor who is a photographer randomly text me on a Sunday afternoon & ask if I was up to anything. I said that I wasn’t because I hardly ever am & she asked if I wanted to do a shoot in our midtown area that […]